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Collected by Djian

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A Friend in Need
by Pete Greenman

Chapter 4.

When the beautiful Miss Stern had stripped down to her undies, she noticed
that the shamed blonde, while still masturbating furiously, was gazing,
apprehensively, at her.

Throwing off her brassiere with a flourish, the lovely woman bared her
large, white breasts, their thick, pink nipples, stiffened with desire, and was
delighted to see the look of admiration in the younger woman's passion filled

Proudly, Dolly walked around the room, pretending to ignore the groaning,
gasping girl. At the far side of the big bed she looked down.

"Oooo! Look what I've found, Mr Cane." She giggled. "Hubby's slippers."

She stooped down and, picking up one of the slippers, she showed it to
George. It was an expensive red leather item, scarcely worn.

The woman turned to the young blonde, who had by now fingered herself to a
loudly panting, quivering condition, and held the slipper up before her flushed

"What large feet your Husband must have, Mrs Bending." Dolly smiled her
sweet smile. "Such big, wide soles and just look how stiff and smooth the
leather is."

The brunette held the slipper up by the heel and smacked the broad sole
down onto the palm of her hand with a meaningful 'CRACK'.

"I think we'll use this on that big, hot arse of yours." She grinned.
"Poetic Justice, don't you think?"

She turned to her lover.

"Strip to your under-pants, Mr Cane." She said to the sweating man. "Then
you'll be almost ready."

George hurried to do as she had said. When he was naked but for his
Y-fronts, he carried his clothes to the side of the room and placed them, neatly
on a chair. Turning back he faced the two women. His heavy body was covered with
thick black hair. Not only his belly and chest, but even his back, shoulders and
arms. His pot-belly hung over the waistband of his pants, which bulged out in
front as if a tent pole was planted there.

Dolly was watching him with affection, when a sudden groan from the younger
woman made her turn back towards the blonde.

June, her blue eyes smouldering with arousal and still vigorously
masturbating herself, was standing, tottering, were they had left her. The
fingers of her right hand furiously strumming her exposed and swollen tickler,
her lovely face thrust foreword, her red lips twisted in a pout of lust. Her
heavy buttocks, rounded belly, full white thighs and big, melonous tits, all
shook with mounting ecstasy. Her lovely legs, bent at the knees and thighs
spread wide, she eagerly humped her cunt back and fore at her flying fingers, as
she began to squeal with lust and cry with shame at the same time.

Dolly moved close to the sobbing girl.

"Ooooo. Look at her." The brunette leered. "Look at her move her arse. The

She moved around the back of the weeping, moaning young mother and watched
her heaving arsecheeks with cruel delight.

Laughing, she put her hand between the backs of the buxom girl's thighs and
clutched her fat lipped cunt with her fingers.

"Ah-ah!" She shouted. "She's sopping now."

And gripping the girl's blonde hair with her wet, left hand, she twisted her
beautiful face towards her own and brandished the slipper before her tearful

"Keep on frigging yourself, Mrs Bending." Dolly cried. "I'm just going to
introduce your Husband's slipper to your fat arse."

And taking up her position behind the masturbating young Wife, she raised
the stiff leather slipper high and brought it down on the girl's big, round,
quivering arsecheeks with a great......


"WAAAAAAHHHHH!" June shrieked, as the scalding heat in her arse seemed to
burst deep into her swollen cunt.

Dolly and George watched with wide eyed delight as a deep red welt blossomed
across the screaming young woman's franticly writhing buttocks.

Even as the burning pain of the stroke spread through her arse and cunt,
June felt a deep resentment at the loss of her orgasm. Sobbing with frustration,
even as she writhed, she continued to masturbate furiously, desperate to achieve
her climax.


Again Dolly brought the slipper flashing down. This time delivering a hard
smack on the girl's other contorting buttock.

"YYNNAAAAAARRHHH!" The buxom young mother again shrieked with anguish, as
fire once more seemed to spread over her big, bounding bum and flood through her
abused cunny. Squealing with pain, humiliation and shame, she made her
'diddling' fingers dance franticly over her inflamed and swollen clit.

Laughing with cruel delight, Dolly brought the broad soled slipper down,
again and again, across the young blonde's agitated arse.


The beautiful brunette rained the heavy blows down onto the screaming young
wife's full, bouncing bumcheeks.

PLEEEEASE! NO MORE! NO MORE!" June shrieked and cried, in a strange mixture of
pain and sexual arousal, as she squirmed there, submissively accepting the cruel
punishment to her burning bum, while masturbating herself in near frenzy.

"Oh, Mr Cane." Called a delighted Dolly, between strokes. "Look! Look at her

The man and woman watched, gleefully, as the bitterly crying young blonde
stood, writhing before them, thighs spread, knees bent, presenting her round and
purpled buttocks to the cruel blows. The two middle fingers of of her left hand
were plunged deep into her gaping cuntcrack, while the thumb and fingers of her
right, vigorously squeezed and shook her engorged and throbbing tickler. The
melonous, milk white globes of her breasts, their big nipples swollen a deep,
turgid red, jumped and juddered, each time the slipper 'SLAPPED' hard across the
boiling cheeks of her fat arse.

George moved to stand directly in front of the squealing young woman.
Putting out both his large hands, he gripped her big, thick nipples between his
thumbs and forefingers. Squeezing the swollen stalks tightly, he lifted the
weighty jugs out and away from her body, until he had both heavy tits hanging by
their teats. The great, fleshy globes, swung wildly to and fro, in time with
June's frantic frigging, as they dangled from his fingertips, suspended by her
stretched nipples. To her rear, the lascivious Dolly continued to administer a
sound thrashing with the slipper, to the fiery red, purple and obviously swollen
cheeks of her deliciously round and bouncing bum.


The lovely brunette, her own big breasts swinging with the exertion of the
strokes and sweat dripping off her near naked body, swung her arm up and down,
up and down, as she energetically beat a tattoo on the buxom young mother's fat

OOOOH! I'M GOING TO CUM! GOING TO CUM! OOOOOW!" The blubbering blonde yelled
out as her nimble fingers spurred on her convulsing quim, to orgasm.

"She's getting ready to spurt." George called to his flushed mistress.

"Yes, I know." Dolly answered, looking down between the younger woman's red
and swollen bumcheeks, where she could clearly see the girl's puckered, pink
anus, twitch and pout convulsively, as if it were blowing her a kiss. "I can see
her arsehole winking at me."

Throwing aside the slipper, Dolly slipped her middle finger under the
sopping gusset of her silk knickers and running it along her wet cuntcrack, the
lovely, lustful lady, coated it well with her love cream. Removing the
lubricated digit, she then proceeded to probe it's tip into the centre of the,
almost, spasming blonde's pouting anus.

"Oh, no! Please, no! Not that!" Dolly heard the girl groan. But she was
amused to see that the aroused young wife pushed her flaming arse, back onto the
slippery intruder.

With a sadistic giggle, the beautiful brunette screwed her greasy fingertip
into the puckered opening.

The lewd act triggered the girl's climax.

"AAAAAAH!" Cried the buxom young mother in shame and anguish. "OOOOOOOH!

As the young blonde's climax hit her, Dolly thrust, firmly foreword with her
stiff finger and plunged it deep into the tight, rubbery ring of the squealing
girl's greasy, pink arsehole.

"NNAAAAAAAAAAARRRHHHH!" June yelled, as her own flashing fingers continued
milking her hot and spurting cunny and her tight anus clenched rhythmically
around Dolly's thrusting finger.

The older woman gloated with glee as the young woman, racked with orgasm,
spurted her cuntcream over the carpet.


With a final, long groan of obscene satisfaction, June's shapely legs
buckled under her. She would have collapsed, but for George in front, holding
her up by her tits and Dolly at her rear, supporting her by the stiffened finger
embedded, deep, in her churning bowels.

"Oh! Mrs Bending!" Dolly laughed. "You've CUM all over the carpet.

How lewd you were, you dirty slut. I think you loved having your fat arse
smacked. We shall have to give you some more, I think."

Sobbing with shame and pleasure mixed, the young blonde hung there, her
fingers still gently rubbing her dribbling cunny, suspended by her stretched and
swollen nipples in the front and by her bulging arsehole at the back.

"Here, come on!" Snapped Dolly. "Stand up. Come on; take your weight on
your own legs."

And she gave the gasping girl a stinging, left-handed slap on her flaming
red buttocks.

June uttered a little shout of pain and, regaining some of her composure,
stood up, shakily, on her pretty feet. As she straightened up, George still held
both her big breasts out away from her body, so that the full weight of the
heavy jugs still hung suspended from their stretched and turgid nipples. Also,
close behind her, she could feel the heat from the older woman's body and the
greasy thrusting of the stiff finger probing deep up her tightly clenched

Obediently, the young mother stood between the man and woman as they
continued abusing her lovely, voluptuous curves.

Before her, the big man shook her dangling tits until the milky globes
clapped together loudly. While behind her, the beautiful brunette stirred her
inquisitive finger, around and around, in the hot, wet depths of her of her

Dolly watched with delight, as the sobbing girl started to respond to their
depraved caresses. George's assault on her breasts and her own gross violation
of her virgin anus, only aroused her the more. June's docile submission to her
humiliation, fired the handsome business woman to new heights of lechery.

Dolly lifted her left hand and grasping a fistful of the girl's blonde hair,
she twisted her lovely face towards her own. After gazing into each others
smouldering eyes for some moments, the two women's beautiful faces came, slowly,
together. Their hungry mouths seeking each other, their full, red lips crushing
together in a wide open, wet kiss. Each sucking greedily at the other's
searching tongue.

At last Dolly broke away. Pulling back her head, she looked at girl's
flushed face and, watching her expression carefully, she plunged her finger even
deeper up the blonde's arse.

"AAAAAH!" June groaned, but thrust her fleshy buttocks firmly back at the
older woman's hand.

Leering at the girl's predicament, the brunette began to plunge her
stiffened digit, swiftly, in and out of the buxom blonde's tight and rubbery

"Look how she responds, Mr Cane." Dolly called to her lover, who was still
happily dangling the girl's big tits by their nipples.

"Yes, I see." George answered, rolling the swollen storks between his thumbs
and fingers and squeezing the thick, turgid nipples hard. "She's just what we've
been looking for. What a find, eh?"

Dolly could see that June's hand had moved back to her bulging pubic mound
and that her middle finger was already stroking her exposed and bloated clit.

"That's right, Mrs Bending." The brunette encouraged, her own stiffened
finger still smoothly flashing in and out of the young mother's oily rectum.
"I'm sure you can cum again."

The girl's fingers began to dance in her wet crack. George dropped her
breasts and stood back. The great globes bounced and wobbled on her chest. Her
big, swollen nipples, looking sore and very enflamed.

Dolly gave a laugh and bending her head foreword, sucked the nearest nipple
into her mouth.

"YAAAHH!" June cried out and spreading her thighs, fingered herself,

After a few moments Dolly raised her head and, smiling sweetly, pulled her
finger from the younger woman's tight arsehole, with a wet 'plop'.

The buxom young wife watched with a mixture of excitement and disgust, as
the leering lady lifted her hand to her face and sniffed her middle finger,
appreciatively. Then, with an evil chuckle, the luscious brunette lifted her
hand to the younger woman's lovely face and held the slimy digit under her nose.

June flushed scarlet with shame and would have turned her head away had not
Dolly held her face firmly in place with a fistful of blonde hair.

"Can you smell that, Mrs Bending?" The older woman asked.

"Y..Yes." June answered, all of a fluster.

"You know what it is, don't you?" Dolly grinned.

"Yes." Sobbed the big blonde, beginning to cry again.

"Oh, don't you cry, Mrs Bending." Dolly giggled. "It's only the smell of
your shit on my finger, that's all. I think it smells delicious."

"You've made her cry but she hasn't stopped milking that big tickler of
hers." George observed with some amusement. "I think it's about time we got a
bit of the action, too. Don't you, Miss Stern?"

"Good idea, Mr Cane." Dolly replied. "Let's get our knickers off."

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