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Collected by Djian

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A Friend in Need
by Pete Greenman

Chapter 12.

To one side of the dais and fixed deep into the concrete, was a wide steel
post that stood about thirty feet high and was topped by a swinging, steel beam
that stood out like the arm of a gibbet. The arm and the steel wire pulley that
hung from its end, was run by electricity and controlled by a button switch at
the end of a cable, which hung down alongside.

One of the Madams took charge of the controls and swung the arm out over
the dais, manoeuvring it until the pulley was directly over the blackgirl's
head. Then she lowered the steel wire of the pulley until it passed down in
front of the sobbing Negress's face, where Madam Rita was able to grasp the
steel clips on its end.

Before the Negress was aware of what the woman was about to do, the
Spaniard had attached the small pair of clips on the end of the pulley wire to
the metal rings on the leather straps that tightly bound the girl's big breasts.

With a delighted leer at the lovely blackgirl's horrified expression of
realization, Rita gave the Negress's badly congested and tightly balled tits a
vicious squeeze and, stepping back, she raised her hand in signal to the Madam
with the controls.

"Right." Rita cried, without taking her cruel eyes of the face of her
panicking, terrified victim. "Slowly now. Take her up."

A silence had fallen over the crowd, so that all we could hear was
frightened girl's gasping sobs and the low hum of the winch's electric motor.
The pulley wire tightened and all eyes were fixed, excitedly, on the heavy,
swollen gourds of her purple breasts.

"Careful, now. Easy dose it." Cautioned the Spaniard, her hand in the air.

As the wire grew tort and started to take up the strain, the girl broke
the silence. She shrieked with alarm.

"Oh, God! Save me!" she cried.

We all watched with cruel delight as her engorged milkmelons slowly lifted
into the air.

"NO! NO!" She screamed, with mounting hysteria. "You can't do this! You
can't! YOU CAN'T!"

"No?" The Spaniard laughed, her dark eyes flashing with excitement. "You
joss see, Senorita. You joss see."

And the Madam signalled 'UP' with her hand and the shrieking Negress's
ballooning breasts were pulled right up in the air, passed her pain racked
features and horrified, bulging eyes."

Celia looked around at her wide eyed guests and, still lewdly fondling the
soft charms of the naked blonde, she gave a laugh.

"I was leaning foreword, watching the scene, avidly." She continued. "My
fingers tightly gripping the plush arms of my chair in my excitement. My cunt
was gushing and I could feel my first big orgasm of the afternoon, speeding to
my bursting clit. I could not take my eyes off those great, balled, purple
bruised udders and I could hear Bill snorting with lust beside me, too.

The screaming Negress's lovely head tilted back over her strapped arms, as
she bent her shoulders back to try and take the strain off her upward stretching
tits. She stood on tip-toes, frantically trying to stand as high as she could,
in a desperate effort to support her weight.

She stopped screaming. Her superb body dripped with sweat, even in that
hot sun. She struggled to lift her head and stared for a long moment at her
swiftly extending tits, with wide, horrified eyes.

At that moment, you could have heard a pin drop.

Suddenly, she gave a great shriek. Her stretched and strung out breasts
began to judder as again they pulled up and away from her trembling body.

The straps around the girl's great, bulging udders held fast and the
winch's cable wire was pulled as tight as a bowstring. A loud cry of delighted
amazement rose from the crowd as, to our lecherous amusement, the roundly,
swollen globes, again began to stretch at their base.

I watched with awe.

"Go on! Stretch them! Stretch them!" Screamed the crowd

"Yes! Stretch them! Stretch the black bitch's big udders! Rip them off
her." I screamed, urging the Madams on.

The blackgirl's shrieks were terrible to hear, But I must add, that I
enjoyed them, immensely. Her eyes bulged from her head as she watched her great
jugs stretch up and draw away from her body. Above the straps, her big breasts
had been squeezed into hard, swollen, dark-red balls, the veins standing out in
purple and dark blue, looking as if they were about to burst. While below the
straps, the flesh was stretched an alarming length from her chest, so that the
pulsing globes seemed to hang, quivering, a foot above her head. Then the
walking frame began to shake and rattle, so four of the Madams climbed up and
stood on each corner, to hold it down.

Suddenly, there was another great shout of delight from the crowd.

The shrieking Negress's toes had left the ground. She was being lifted
into the air by her breasts and, as we watched, she was drawn up off the warty
dildos that were still embedded up her arsehole and cunt.

The shriek died in the blackgirl's throat and, again, the crowd fell
silent. All that could be heard was the winch's low buzzing. The girl's shapely
legs scissors for a moment, as she vainly tried to reach the ground with her
toes. Then, she gave a great gasp, as her buxom body raised from the floor.

There were grunts and snorts of pure glee from the crowd and a woman
screamed with delight.

"Look at her cunt!" She cried, squealing with excitement. "Look! Look!
Look at her cunt and arsehole!"

Snarls of lust and shrieks of cruel laughter, rose from the lecherous
onlookers. As the Negress's body rose off the ground and her cunt and anus were
drawn up off the two huge dildos upon which she was impaled, her tight flesh
tried to retain its grip on the thick, warty shafts. The soft, pink, inner flesh
of her twat and rectum, was clearly seen clinging to the great columns, most
amusingly and, as the girl rose up into the air and more and more of the great
dildos were exposed, there, drawn out of the swollen ring of her arsehole and
from inside the tightly stretched lips of her cunt, we saw the raw, wet,
salmon-pink meat of her vulva and the pale pink tube of her bowels clinging,
tightly to the gnarled shafts. Relentlessly the winch pulled her upward. Her
arsehole bulged out, alarmingly. Suddenly, her tightly stretched ring gave way
and the huge knob of the anal dildo, burst out with a loud, wet 'PLOP',
splashing her big buttocks and inner thighs with shit and allowing the winch to
tear her cunt off the bigger dildo.

Free at last, the winch pulled the shrieking Negress high in the air and
swung her over the Execution Platform. As she hung there, high in the air,
thighs splayed, we saw the exposed, inner flesh of her cunt and bowels, slowly
drawn back up into both gaping holes.

I heard Bill give a groan and glanced, quickly, at him. His lips were
drawn away from his teeth, in a savage snarl. His hands, like mine, were tightly
gripping the arms of his chair and his beautiful, great prick, was standing
straight up, rigidly, from his groin, it's stiff column vibrating, violently.
Even as I watched, the pisshole in the pulsing helmet gaped and a thick jet of
hot spunk shot out over the rail of the box and down, into the crowd below. Such
was the lubricity of the scene before us, that it had excited my love's lust to
such a height, that his spunk had discharged, involuntary, and had spurted, at
least, eight feet over the balustrade.

I looked, quickly, back to the scene before us and felt my own orgasm
wrack my body and my naked cunt gush, filling the plastic covering of my chair's
seat with lovejuice. The reason for the plastic covering was now obvious, as I,
the Duchess and every other woman seated up in the Royal Box, spent the rest of
the time watching the show, with our bare arses sliding about in a pool of

The lovely Negress, was lifted up, by her badly stretched udders, until
she hung high in the air, her pink soled feet well clear of the heads of the
crowd. She didn't scream, but kept up a sort of high pitched whine, as if she
was afraid to breathe. Her shapely legs she held stiff and her body rigid,
terrified to move in case she tore off her breasts, or stretched them even more
than they were already.

Madam Rita and the other Madams climbed the steps of the dais and moved to
the centre of the platform, where stood a mysterious object covered with a
large, white sheet. Gripping the sheet, the Spaniard tore it off and threw it

A loud roar of cruel delight, rose from the crowd and, at that moment, my
second big orgasm of the day, swept through me. There before us, in all its
terrifying glory, was 'THE STAKE'

The sobbing blackgirl, who hung suspended on the wire, turned her lovely
head to try to see what had incited the crowd to give that cruel shout. When she
saw the Stake, her eyes bulged out of her head and she let out a high pitched
wail that brought laughter from the spectators and sent a great thrill of
voluptuous spite tingling through my cunt.

"How can she bare it?" I laughed, addressing my remark to no one in
particular. "Why doesn't she pass out?"

My question was answered by the Duchess, herself.

"Pass out?" She cried, with a chuckle and not once taking her eyes off the
scene below. "Oh, no! She's not getting off that easily! No, my dear, it has all
been carefully prepared. The Slut is as strong as an ox, in both body and heart
and she's been so filled with stimulants that she wouldn't lose consciousness,
even if we boiled her in oil! No, no, my dear. This bitch is going to experience
every delicious moment of her punishment. And she'll live to remember it."

On the dais, Madam Rita was displaying 'THE STAKE' to the audience. It had
a base made of steel, that was bolted, firmly, to the platform and its complex
Electric/Hydraulic mechanism, was all hidden beneath the floor. From this base
rose 'THE STAKE' itself. A highly polished hard-wood column that, at this
moment, stood about six feet high and was a massive eight inches in diameter,
the top twelve inches of which was covered in, what appeared to be, a strong red
rubber. This top was an odd shape, from where it was attached, with a highly
polished, counter-sunk metal band, to its tip, which tapered to two inch
diameter at the top six inches. The whole thing looked a bit like a great, giant
prick, stiff and eager to fuck. Which, I suppose, was what it was.

The Spaniard demonstrated to the spectators, just how the mechanism
worked. The mechanism was controlled from an electric console which stood to one
side. At a touch of a button, the shaft could be raised up to its full six feet
or lowered down to two feet. The column could also be made to shake, from a very
high speed vibration, to a hectic, violent rocking.

The crowd laughed, when the Spaniard gave a meaningful wink and made the
shaft piston, swiftly, up and down, in a most lewd manner. Then, to end the
demonstration, she made the rubber head-covering inflate, until it had blown up
to the size of a medicine ball. That's about eighteen inches diameter. She told
us, that the use of these movements and adjustments would become obvious to all,
before the afternoon was over. Especially to the blackgirl.

"Right, then." Called Madam Rita, to her five colleagues. "Are we ready to
continue with the show?"

"We are!" They replied.

At a signal from the Spaniard, the suspended Negress was swung in over the
platform and lowered until her pretty pink toes were about a foot off the wooden

"Sorry I have to keep you, Hanging Aroun', Senorita." The black haired
Madam laughed up at the girl. "But be patient, you weell soon get the 'Point'!"

And the lovely woman, thrust out her plump, bare arse to the spectators
and wiggled it at them, saucily.

The crowd loved this lewd banter and roared its delight.

All the while, the Negress continued to hang, stiff and motionless,
terrified to move.

The Spaniard looked up at the weeping, moaning girl, thoughtfully
fingering her own cunt.

"Let oss see if we can get the beech to dance aroun' a leetle, on her
streeng and see what eet dose to those beeg jugs of her's." She called to her
colleagues. "Madam Nina, Madam Claire. Thrash that splendeed beeg arse of hers,
with your canes. Really blister eeet. Let's see eef that doss the treeck."

The two Madams, a sun-tanned English woman and a tall, blonde Swede, moved
in behind the hanging blackgirl, one on each side and, with cruel smiles on
their lovely eager faces, they commenced to thrash her big, round, arse-cheeks,
with hard, vicious strokes of their long whippy canes.

The African girl opened her mouth and began screaming, loudly. But still
the fear of further stretching her already badly damaged udders, made her remain
as still as she could bear. Only her big, black buttocks moved, jumping and
twitching and writhing, each time the cruel canes cut into the firm round flesh
of her boiling arse.

The Madams knew that the African's big bum could take a lot of punishment,
so they really laid in to her. The sound of the 'Swisssssssh- THWACK!' of their
canes as they savagely placed cut after cut across the firm, jutting flesh of
her round and arrogant arse and her pitiful shrieks of response, were music to
my ears. Multiple orgasms thrilled through my quim and my custard gushed,

Glancing at Bill, I saw that he still lustfully gazed at the scene before
us, and that his splendid cock was still standing, stiff and rigid, as if he had
not discharged his spunk just a few moments before.

Swissssssssssh Thwack! "AAAAAAAAAH!"

Swissssssssssh Thwack! "NNAAAAAAAA!"

Swissssssssssh Thwack! "OHHHHHHHHH!"

We watched the delightful thrashing for ten minutes or so, before Madam
Rita stepped forward and called a halt.

"I theenk that has softened her up a beet." The Spaniard laughed, giving
another saucy little wiggle of her rounded bum. "Now wee'll geeve the Slut a
taste of sometheeng a lot more amuseeng."

As the Negress hung there by her udders, crying bitterly and we, the
audience, sat waiting in eager anticipation, the flashing eyed Madam moved to a
chest on the edge of the platform.

First, she took from the box a pair of soft leather gauntlets and winked
slyly at the crowd as she pulled the gloves on over her plump arms. What she
took from the box next drew from the crowd a loud shout of pure, delighted
spite. For in her well protected hands she held a large bouquet of fresh and

The crowd's jeering shout, once more provoked the weeping blackgirl to
turn her head, in alarmed apprehension, towards the laughing Madam.

Seeing the woman's fearful look, the Spaniard held up the Nettles to the
Negress so she could see exactly what they were. While exhibiting the cruel
bouquet to the African, Rita laughed up at her, gleefully.

"Theese are a leetle personal gift from Her Highness, Thee Duchess, to
you, Senorita." She explained and then added, leering, lecherously. "They are no
ordinary Nettles. No, they are a particularly virulent and painful variety that
we've acquired especially for you. And I am going to see to it, that you enjoy
them, right now."

Well, you should have heard her! The silly, black bitch, started to
scream, even before they had touched her!"

The girl had been hanging, sort of, sideways to us, but now the Spaniard
pushed her leg with one hand, so that she spun, slowly on her wire, until the
Duchess (And, of coarse, we guests too.) had an excellent view of her splendid,
naked arse.

Holding the Nettles low, Madam Rita walked around her victim and
thoughtfully looked at the squealing Negress's badly striped, welted and bruised
rear. After a moment's consideration, the Spaniard, her black eyes flashing with
lascivious excitement, slowly raised her arm and firmly brushed the vicious
Nettles up the back of the girl's full, black thighs and over her abused, but
splendid buttocks.


The Blackgirl's full throated shriek rang out, loud and long, over the
island and she began writhing and twisting and dancing about on the end of her
wire and the stretched flesh between her terribly swollen breasts and her chest,
began to bounce her like a ball on the end of an elastic band.

The crowd roared its encouragement to the Madams and I could hear, singing
a descant to the Negress's shrieks, the Duchess's own shrill squeals of delight.
I knew, just by the sound of her voice, that her Royal cunt was gushing and her
hot arse was awash in her own sweet custard.

Rita and the other Madams were giggling like cruel schoolgirls as the
Spaniard, slowly and carefully, brushed the vicious Nettles all over the
shrieking African's jerking, twitching arsecheeks and up and down her writhing
back and sides.

Fuck me; you should have seen that black bitch dancing a jig on the end of
that line. And what it did to those big, swollen udders of her's! The pressure
in those globes must have been unbearable and they stretched, amazingly!

Anyway, when the Spaniard had stung her all over her arse, back, sides and
thighs, Madam Nina and Madam Claire threw down their canes and, each grabbing
the Negress by an ankle, they pulled her legs open and forced her full thighs
wide apart.

Madam Rita at once began rubbing the cruel Nettles, thoroughly, over the
plump, full flesh of the shrieking blackgirl's soft inner thighs. This done, the
skilful Spaniard got to work between the loudly crying young Woman's fat, round
arsecheeks, carefully giving her badly swollen and slackly gaping arsehole a
thorough stinging inside and out.

Rita had a word with her colleagues, and the women turned the Negress so
that she was now facing the Royal Box and giving the Duchess a Grand Stand view.
After giving her rounded belly a good rub over, the giggling Spaniard turned her
full attention onto the desperately struggling young woman's fat, bald and
defenceless cunt.

Tearing off a small bunch of Nettles that contained the fresh, green tips
of the plant and which held the most virulent of its poison, Rita tossed the
rest of wicked bouquet back into the box.

"Careful, now." The dark-haired woman warned her friends. "Get a good
greep on her and hold on tight. She's gona explode when I get to work on her
cunt with thees."

So saying, the Spaniard stepped in close to the struggling Blackgirl's
full, Nettle-stung thighs and, keeping a little to one side so we all could
clearly see what she was doing, she peered closely to her bitterly crying
victim's bulging cunt.

"My, my! But these ees a delightful honey-pot you have here, Senorita."
The Madam chuckled, evilly. "Eet ees joss like a beeg, fat, purple fruit, over
ripe and burst open, weeth all eets soft, wet, peenk eenner flesh bulgeen out
and dreepeen with juice."

"P.. P..Please! P..Please! Please don't hurt me any more!" Begged the
sobbing Negress. "H..Have m..mercy on me, I b..beg you."

Ignoring her pleas, Rita moved her gloved left hand to the sobbing
blackgirl's vulnerable sex and, spreading apart the fat, bald cuntlips, prised
open its glistening red crack, pushed back the puffy folds of its hood and fully
exposed to view, the bloated stalk of the Negress's big swollen clitoris. The
badly swollen tickler, still tightly bound at its root, stuck out, stiffly, at
the Spaniard's beautiful face and we could see it throb, even at that distance.

"Let os see joss how sensitive these beeg, fat cleet of yours ees, shall
we?" The flashing eyed Madam laughed and, licking her sensual lips, lecherously,
she moved her head forward and, thrusting out her tongue, she licked it around
the weeping Negress's swollen clitoris.

The blackgirl gave a loud gasp and, involuntarily, thrust out her bulging
cunt at the Madam's face. Swiftly, the Spaniard opened her lips and sucked the
whole fat cunt into her greedy mouth. For some moments the white woman sucked
voraciously, on the Negress's cunt. Very quickly, to the Madams delight, the
squealing African began humping her fat twat at her lovely tormentors skilful

The Negress's pleasure did not last for long. Suddenly, her eyes popped
open wide and she resumed her shrieking. We soon saw why. The Spaniard's full
sensual lips opened and curled back and we saw, to every ones amusement, that
her sharp, white, even teeth, were biting, viciously, into the girl's stiff clit
and that Rita was gnawing at her badly swollen tickler. Next, the Spaniard
pulled on the girl's clit with her teeth and stretched it away from her cunt so
that her body swung foreword. Then, with her sharp, white teeth bared and still
biting into the Negress's abused clit, the spiteful Madam shook the black girl's
cunt like a terrier shakes a rat. Then, with one last spiteful nip on the
engorged tip, the wicked lady pulled her pretty face away and examined the
African's sex, closely.

Well! You can imagine what a noise the girl's shrieks made as they rang
out over the little settlement. While Rita bit on her clit the girl's mouth
gaped to its farthest extent, her throat open wide, the sinews in her neck stood
out like whipcords and her fully extended tongue, vibrated like a flag in a high
wind. That poor bitch really hit the high notes and the crowd loved it. Everyone
was indulging in some form of fucking, it was plain to see. Mostly lovers
mounting partners from the back. That way both parties could still watch what
was going on up on the dais. Not that they were restricting themselves to
couples. Some groups down below us had as many as a dozen people connected. But
none took their eyes off the show for more than a few seconds.

Anyway, Madam Rita, gleefully, examined the girl's abused and badly
swollen cunt and when she was satisfied that it was sore enough, she continued
her enjoyable task.

"Very good, Senorita." She leered up at the bitterly crying Blackgirl and
held up her gloved right hand so that the Negress could see the cruel, green
Nettles. "Now we weel hear you singing another merry leetle song. For now we
weel see how your beeg cleety reacts when I geeve eet a good and thorough
steengeen weeth thee Nettles, eh?"

And to the delight of all the spectators, the Spaniard began, carefully
and lovingly, to rub the stinging nettles, all over and around the bloated
length of the shrieking blackgirl's hugely swollen and fully exposed clitoris.

The young Negress's high pitched shrieks, once more, rang out loudly
across the crowded Square, but her splendid body, hung as it was, so painfully,
by her stretched and swollen breasts, and her full fleshed thighs, held so wide
and firmly apart, by Claire and Nina, could do nothing but shudder and shake,
while her burning belly and boiling buttocks twitched and jerked, franticly, as
the sadistic Spaniard, skilfully applied the Nettles to her defenceless cunt.

The crowd loved the show and shouted lewd comments and vile encouragements
to the Madams, urging them on to even crueller excesses.

When, at last, the thorough stinging of the Negress's cunt was completed,
Rita cast aside the used Nettles and took from her 'Box of Tricks', a small
glass jar and a long tweezers. Opening the jar carefully, she dipped in the
tweezers and took out a large insect that looked a bit like a Hornet. As the
Spaniard again approached her weeping victim, Madam Claire and Madam Nina pulled
the blackgirl's Nettled thighs apart and thrust her throbbing, naked pubes, out
towards their advancing colleague.

"Another leetle geeft for you, Senorita." Leered Rita, holding the insect
up so the African could see it. "I'll jos eentroduce eet to your beeg cleet."

"Oh, God, no! NO!" The girl blubbered, attempting, in vain, to struggle.

"Oh, but yes! YES!" Giggled Rita. And leaning foreword, she applied the
angry insect to the bloated tip of the struggling Negress's badly swollen

In a second, the wasp had pierced the girl's tortured tickler with its

She threw back her lovely head, her distraught features with her
horrified, pitiful, eyes, bulging from her agonized face, and for one delightful
moment, looked straight at us. Then her mouth gaped wide open and she shrieked
to the sky.


It was a delicious sound. I spurted my custard, yet again.

She writhed on her line, legs pulled apart, thrusting out her tortured
cunt towards us, as if to get it as far from her as she could.

Throwing down the dying wasp and crushing it beneath her booted foot,
Rita took a scalpel from her Bolero pocket and cutting the twine, quickly
unbound the Negress's hugely swollen clit.

The Madams laughed with delight as they eagerly watched the screaming
girl's poor, pain-racked clitoris, swell up even bigger than it was before. It
was now the size, shape, and colour of a medium sized tomato and it throbbed and
pulsed as if with a life of its own.

The Spanish woman turned to the Royal Box and bowed, respectfully, to the

"She ees amazingly responsive to theese kind of stimulation, my Lady."
Grinned the flashing eyed brunette, evilly. "Her cunt, she ees flowing like a
tap. She ees ready for thee Stake!"

"Good!" Laughed the Duchess, her lovely face aglow with lecherous
anticipation. "Impale her!"

At a signal from the Spaniard, the Madams holding the girl's legs dropped
their grip to her ankles and held them tightly. As the winch hummed into life
and her voluptuous, pain-racked body was swung up and into position, the
distraught Negress realised that she was being manoeuvred directly over the
fearful shaft. Suddenly, she understood, exactly, what the women intended to do
to her.


I tell you, there was such horror in that scream that my hair nearly stood
on end and my cunt spasmed and spurt in another thrilling orgasm.

THAT!" She shrieked with raising hysteria, as she struggled to free her arms and
tried, vainly, to twist her lower body away from the threatening shaft. "NOOOO!

Despite her frantic struggles, the Madams soon had the shrieking young
Negress positioned the way they wanted her. Crying bitterly, tears flowing down
her cheeks, the girl hung suspended by her stretched and swollen breasts,
directly over the red tip of the fearsome Stake. It's polished wooden shaft,
eight inches in diameter and thickly coated with clear Vaseline to help
lubricate its way, stood straight up between her legs, which were being brutally
pulled apart by the English and Swedish Madams and pointed its tapering tip,
right up at the swollen, gaping crack of the distraught blackgirl's displayed
and defenceless cunt.

Another of the six Madams, a Chinese by the look of her, had mounted the
dais and approached the girl from the rear and, reaching up, gripped her full
hips to hold her steady.

Madam Rita, who had discarded the gloves some moments before, lifted her
hands, once more, to the black girl's sex. Gripping the inner lips, which hung
out, swollen and red with Nettle rash, from the wet, red, cuntcrack, with the
fingers and thumbs of each hand, the Spaniard peeled the crack apart and,
cruelly, pulled the shrieking girl's gash wide open.

"Right." The Spaniard called to the Madam controlling the winch. "We've
got her steady. Slowly now. Lower her down."

The winch motor buzzed into life and the blackgirl's body dropped
downwards with a little jerk. The firmly held Negress, her big eyes bulging from
her head, gave out a terrified shriek and a great jet of piss spurted from her
gaping gash as she pissed herself with fear.

"Fuck!" Cried Madam Rita, jumping back but maintaining her cruel grip on
the girl's stretched open cunt. "Hold on tight, girls! Keep a grip!"

As the sobbing, blackgirl's piss gushed, furiously down, baptizing the
head of the Stake and splashing over the breasts, bellies and legs of the four
Madams, the delighted crowd howled with spiteful laughter. At last, the steaming
jet dwindled to a dribble and then stopped.

"Right then!" Snarled the annoyed Spaniard, viciously yanking the bitterly
crying Negress's dripping cuntlips open, even more. "We weel continue! Lower the
beech down!"

An excited silence once more fell over the lascivious scene. Even the
Negress's cries had dropped to a terrified, snivelling whimper, as if she could
not believe that they would really do it to her.

"N...No! P..P..Please, n..no! P..Please God, n...no!" She moaned,
pitifully through broken sobbes.

The only other sound to be heard was the low buzz of the winch as it
slowly lowered the helpless girl down.

We were all leaning foreword, eager to see the point of connection. The
way the girl was hanging by her tits bent her shoulders backwards over her bound
arms and curved her rounded belly foreword, thrusting her bulging, bald cunt
out, prominently, from between her forcibly pulled apart thighs. This, and the
way the Spaniard stretched open her gaping cunt, made it easy for all to see.

"Careful now." Rita cautioned, as the girl's cunt neared the rounded,
tapered tip. "Down a bit. Bit more. Gently now. NOW!"

The Negress's body quickly dropped down the last few inches and the
Spaniard skilfully guided her stretched open gash, down over the first four
inches of the two inch diameter rounded tip of the greasy rubber spike.

The touch of the spike tip slipping up her tortured twat, shocked the girl
into a futile violent struggle to free herself, screaming and franticly trying
to wriggle off the end of the Stake. But the Madams were ready for her and
forcefully held her steady over the fearful shaft.

"NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Screeched the hysterical girl, hot tears of terror
splashing down her lovely, distraught face, as she tried to fight against the
Madam's firm grip.

"Oh, yes!" Laughed Madam Rita, as she skilfully ensured that the first six
inches of the tapered rubber tip was fully embedded up the Negress's gaping
crack and that her swollen cuntlips were now settling down hard on the widening
diameter of the shaft. Over the next four inches of the shaft, the Stake's
'shoulders' spread out from two inches to its full eight inch diameter.

"Yes! My black beauty." Rita leered up at the franticly struggling girl.
"Soon you weel be wreeggling like a worm on a peen."

The Madam glanced across to her colleague controlling the winch.

"Jeest a leetle faster now, Madam Elain." She cried.

The motor buzzed a little quicker and the blackgirl drew a loud gasp
through her wide open mouth. The Spaniard released the girl's cuntlips so that
they sprang in and gripped the greased and tapered head and the Negress's body
slid down onto the top of the shaft.

To our delight, we clearly saw that the girl's nettled and swollen cunt
was spreading out over the greased and tapered tip and sliding down the
widening shaft.

hysterically, as we gleefully watched her stretching cunt slide down over the
well lubricated tip and spread out, alarmingly, around the widening column.

The winch wire was now hanging a little lose, her stretched and swollen
tits were sagging a bit and her head and top half of her body was whipping,
violently, from side to side as she struggled, franticly, to stop her slide down
the Stake.

It was so thrilling, my darlings! You should have seen it! You would have
creamed! It was as if I was having one long orgasm. I heard Bill shouting at my
side and I noticed another jet of spunk spurt out over the heads of the crowd,
but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the sight of that poor bitch's amazingly
distending twat.

Then, as the weight of her shapely body was bearing down, heavily, on the
expanding shaft, her cunt seamed to reach the limit of its stretch and it
suddenly held her on what was about the four inch diameter mark on the widely
tapering point.

Madam Rita quickly took in the situation. With rapid commands to the two
Madams pulling the girl's legs apart to "Hold her firm!" and to the woman on the
winch to "Take up the slack!", she moved to the Control Console and began
raising the great column up through the floor.

As the Stake rose up, the crowd again roared with laughter. Well, the
Bitch looked so funny, perched up there like a Fairy on a Christmas tree. When
the column was raised to six feet, Rita called the sixth Madam, Rose, to join
her on the stage.

Telling her colleague to assist Madam Nina, who was holding on to the
Negress's left leg, the Spaniard moved to her 'Tool Box" from which she took
out four leather straps with strong steel clips on each end. Going back to the
screaming girl, she fastened the both ends of two of the straps on to each of
the cuffs around the girl's ankles. Going back to the Console, she raised the
Stake up to its full eight foot height, then she herself joined Madam Claire on
the blackgirl's right leg.

The hysterical Negress now had her pretty, pink soled feet hanging about
five foot from the floor and the two Madams on each leg gripped the leather
loops attached to her ankles and pulled her shapely legs away from the Stake.
When they had taken the strain, the girl's legs were pulled taught and spread
apart at a wide angel.

"Ready?" Called Rita, to her team. "Right! PULL!"

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